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Flight instruments XC-TrainerDual

Easy to repair modular hi-tech flight instruments

XC-Trainer   XC-Trainer_Dual

NEW Click-Switch Technology

  • all elements screwed
  • no soldering
  • no glue required

XC-Trainer - Technical Specifications

  • Altitude: -1000m to +8200m, resolution 0,1m sensitiveness in cm area. At launch the GPS module provides an automatic altitude setting (AMSL)
  • Vario: Digital indication from –25.5m/s to +25.5m/s
    Analog indication from 0 to 5m/s and from 5 to 9,5 m/s. Acoustic signal for climbing initiates at +0.1m/s. This may be switched off. Acoustic signal for sink can be set to initiate between –0.1m/s and –5m/s. Settings in MENU/SETTINGS/VARIO From –5m/s a sink alarm will be heard regardless of settings
  • Speed: (Only with speed sensor connected) 0 – 160km/h Total-Energy-Compensation (TEC) 0 – 90%
  • Temperature: The sensor is placed on the right hand side of the instrument. It measures in centigrade from –25 to +75 degrees, resolution 0.1 degrees
  • GPS receiver: 16 channel parallel, 2D/3D position (WGS84), Altitude, speed, direction. Internal aerial.
  • Data transfer protocols: serial, cable, infrared
  • Clock: Flight recording in UTC. Display shows local time and elapsed time since launch
  • Memory: Flight data: 1MB flash, 184 in the circular buffer. Waypoints: 4KB flash for 224 waypoints
  • Power supply: Rechargeable Li-Ion 3.7V/1800mAh. Operating time per charging app. 25 hours. The instrument is equipped with an “intellicharge” system. To protect the Li-Ion battery the XC-Trainer will shut itself down when before the battery is completely flat, saving all flight data beforehand. Power consumption 75 mA
  • Dimensions: 137x66x28mm, weight including battery 150g

XC-Trainer / XC-Trainer_Dual description, upper display

  1. Relationship left/right thermalling
  2. Wind direction
  3. Windspeed
  4. Groundspeed (SOG)
  5. Altitude
  6. Climb/sink rate
  7. Acoustics volume
  8. Heading (COG)
  9. Speed distribution curve beneath the wind rose and the SOG bar

XC-Trainer / XC-Trainer_Dual description lower display

  1. LOW BATT symbol
  3. Resolution 
  4. Pilot position
  5. Narrow heading indicator
  6. Position Mark symbol
  7. Waypoint symbol
  8. WPT cylinder depiction
  9. Distance to chosen WPT, MARK or to the launch
  10. Flashing indication pointing to the chosen WPT or MARK
  11. Local time 

XC-Trainer Manual as pdf-file (2.247 kb)

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