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Flight instruments XC-TrainerPro


XC-TrainerPro manual for download as pdf-file

MAP display

  1. Groundspeed (SOG)
  2. Altiude
  3. Climp/sink rate
  4. upwind / downwind
  5. Speed Over Ground (SOG)
  6. flying arena zoom
  7. LOW BATT symbol
  8. Pilot position
  9. CTR Airspace
  10. Distance to chosen WPT, Mark or to the launch
  11. Local time
  12. Show track
  13. Position Mark
  14. WPT Cylinder depiction
  15. Waypoint symbol
  16. TAS (True Air Speed) - only with spped probe connected
  17. Speed distribution curve
  18. Windspeed

Thermal & Windcurve display

  1. Windspeed
  2. Groundspeed (SOG)
  3. Altiude
  4. Great digital Vario , climp/sink rate
  5. Vario averager for the last 10,20 or 30sec
  6. Speed discription curve ( Aircotec Patent)
  7. Visualised thermal (Aircotec Patent)
  8. Distance to chosen Takeoff, Way point or MARK
  9. Elapsed time flight
  10. Direction to chosen Takeoff, Way point or MARK (track off)
  11. Wind direction

VARIO diplay:

  1. Windspeed
  2. Groundspeed (SOG)
  3. Direction to chosen Takeoff, Way point or MARK (track off)
  4. Gleide angle
  5. Altiude
  6. Digital Vario -99.0m/s bis +99.0m/s
  7. Alt 0
  8. Vario averager for the last 10,20 or 30sec
  9. Distance to chosen Takeoff, Way point or MARK
  10. Local time 
  11. Analog Vario o-5m/S und 5-9m/S
  12. Wind direction

Barogram/Temp display

  1. Vario Volume adjusts in four steps
  2. Horizontal line 500m above the pilot
  3. Line des adiabaischen TEMP (-1°C/100m)
  4. Pilot position
  5. Barogramm from the last 10 minutes to +/-500m relative to the pilot
  6. Thermogram from the last 10 minutes to +/-6°C rel. to Pilot
  7. Horizontal line 500m beneath the pilot
  8. Current temperature
  9. Local time
  10. Vario averager 30s

Logbook: Year overview

Grouped into 12 months vertical
31 days to the horizontal line
Pro Flight 1 pixel vertical
1-5 flights visible

  1. Current date
  2. Total stored flights
  3. Vertical lines show the flights of the day (Example: 5 flights)
  4. Year
  5. Month

Logbook: flight overview

  1. Date
  2. flight number
  3. flight time
  4. max. speed over ground
  5. flight overview
  6. scale from the flight (for example 640x640km)
  7. Birth eye view (automatic scale from the flight)
  8. max altidute
  9. start time

Logbook: flight detail

  1. Date
  2. start time
  3. landing time
  4. flight time
  5. max. altidute / max. temperature
  6. max. climb rate and max. sink rate
  7. flight overview
  8. max. speed over ground
  9. max. true air speed (only with speed probe connected)
  10. Menu: delete the flight
  11. Menu: send the flight to PC
  12. Menu: replay the flight on XCT
  13. Menu: exit


XC-TrainerPro Technical Specifications

GPS receiver:
20 channel parallel, 2D/3D position (WGS 84),altitude, speed, direction, internal aerial

-1000m to +8200m, resolution 1m. At launch the GPS module provides an automatic altitude setting (AMSL)

Digital indication from –90.0m/s to +90.0m/s Analogue indication from 0 to 5m/s and from 5 to 9,5 m/s. Acoustic signal for climbing initiates at +0.1m/s. This may be switched off. Acoustic signal for sink can be set to initiate between –0.1m/s and –5m/s. Settings in MENU/SETTINGS/VARIO From –5m/s a sink alarm will be heard regardless of settings

The sensor is placed on the right hand side of the instrument. It measures in centigrade from –25 to +75 degrees, resolution 0.1 degrees

Flight recording in UTC. Display shows local time and elapsed time since launch

Flight data: 145 hours every second, 224 waypoints, 10 routes

Data transfer:
USB for charge, speed, PC / infrared

Power supply:
Rechargeable Li-Ion 3.7V/1800mAh. Operating time per charging app. 40 hours. The instrument is equipped with an “intellicharge” system. To protect the Li-Ion battery the XC-Trainer will shut itself down when before the battery is completely flat, saving all flight data beforehand.

(Only with speed sensor connected) 0 – 160km/h Total-Energy-Compensation (TEC) 0 – 90%

137x66x28mm, weight including battery 150g


XC-TrainerPro Firmware

Flight Recorder:
The integrated flight recorder saves position, altitude, clinb/sinkrate, SOG, heading and temperature every second for up to 145 hours

224 waypoints sorted in 14 lists with 16 waypoints each

10 routes each with up to 16 turnpoints

Cylinder depiction

CTR Airspace

MAP Display:
Groundspeed (SOG), Altiude, Climp/sink rate, upwind / downwind, SOG, LOW BATT symbol, Pilot position, CTR Airspace, Distance to chosen WPT, Mark or to the launch, Local time, Show track, Position Mark, WPT Cylinder depiction, Waypoint, TAS, Speed distribution curve, Windspeed 

Thermal & Windcurve display:
Windspeed, SOG, Altiude, Vario, Vario averager, Speed discription curve, Visualised thermal, Distance to chosen Takeoff, Way point or MARK, Elapsed time flight, Direction to chosen Takeoff, Way point or MARK, Wind direction 

VARIO diplay:
Windspeed, SOG, Direction to chosen Takeoff, Way point or MARK, Gleide angle, Altiude, digital and analog Vario, Alt 0, Vario averager, Distance to chosen Takeoff, Way point or MARK, Local time, Wind direction

Barogram/Temp display:
Horizontal line 500m above the pilot, Line des adiabaischen TEMP (-1°C/100m), Pilot position, Barogramm, Thermogram, Horizontal line 500m beneath the pilot, temperature, Local time, Vario averager 30s

Delivery: Instrument, USB cable, charger, case, TN Complete license, printed manual, CD

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