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Service Software TN Complete

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TN Complete is the flight analysis software for the GPS flight instruments.

Current Version 2.8.1

Software developed exclusively for the Aircotec integrated GPS instrument range. Extensive cooperation between the hard- and software developers means full integration/support!

Basic functions

  •  TN Complete shows the route flown, the barogram of the flight (including vario and TAS [1]), it gives the flight stats and a temperature curve for the flight. All these parameters may be displayed simultaneously In order to give the full overview in one single screen.
  • Flights may be displayed in Google Earth in 3D, and there are a number of extra functions aside from the standard GE ones.
  • An integrated memory stores logbook data, waypoints, routes, thermals (Top Navigator) plus the calibration of grid patterns (?). All entries have a “comments” field for user comments.
  • TN Complete makes the interaction between the instrument and the PC easier. Up- and downloads of flights, turnpoints, routes, thermals, airspace; all is easier with TN Complete.
  • Optimising and uploading of flights to the Online Contest (OLC) is done in a few easy steps.
  • Maps for viewing the flights on the computer screen are available for free on the Internet. The maps have a resolution of 14m/pixel. Map downloading is easy.
  • TN Complete is never finished! We continually update it and updates are always free!

Description of the software In depth

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