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We are continually developing our products for our customers.
On this page we keep you posted with current news about updates, instruments, accessories and software.


 New Version TN Complete 2.8.1

  • Change server address for map Download
  • Minor bug fixes


XC-Trainer Firmware Update

  1. Netto Vario acoustics
  2. Selection for altitude display between GPS altitude or flight level
  3. Speed sensor calibration
  4. G-Sensor calibration only for XC-Trainer3DG


XC-Trainer / XC-Trainer_Dual upgrade BV3.35

  • Firmware Optimization
  • corrected small bug on start time



  • 20 channel GPS
  • 40 hours power
  • hight sensitive VARIO
  • 145 hours flight storage
  • USB for charge/speed/PC


TN Complete VERSION 2.8.0

  • NEW: filter for wrong GPS coordinates
  • Windows7 issues: Path for Flight, Map and Backup is moved to user document folder
  • FIX: KML Filecreation: correct high in data mode 'GPS'
  • FIX: IGC Filecreation: 'Laufzeitfehler 5'


E-Prom version 2010 for Top Navigator now available.


XC-Trainer upgrade 3.33

  • Warning tone for entering cylinter variable
  • New start time entering process


TN Complete VERSION 2.7.0

  • support for GPS- and barometric altitudes3
  • g-value filenames: can changed without loss of link to corresponding flight
  • small optical fixes
  • FIX: Program freeze after disconnecting USB cable


XC-Trainer upgrade 3.32

  • Glide angle in VARIO, MAP, Thermal und Barogram screen
  • New menu point for delete flight restore
  • Exit from flight mode
  • Way point exit in the flight mode
  • VARIO calibration

Compititon changes:

  • Auto-advancing from start cylinder
  • GPS – hight store
  • Route sequenz display in MAP
  • Reset all TPT radii
  • Check aktiv route bevor take off
  • Cylinder Radius now to 25km



XC-Trainer upgrade XCT_BV325

  • Readout of G‐forces via the TN‐Complete software (only 3DG) 
  • Waypoint bearing now in Track Up mode 
  • “Distance via marks” summation 
  • Sink alarm now disengageable 
  • Acoustic climbing signal off before the new flight 
    has been initiated, onset value +0,3m/s 
  • Glide ratio (L/D) indicator also without waypoints entered 



TN Complete 2.6.0

  • Support for the new 3DG devices:
    - New data format (TNG) for G-accelerator
    - revieve and store G-accelerator values
    - synchronization and display of G-accelerator with the flights
    - coloring of flight, Baro and GoogleEarth with G-accelerator
  • Reworked individual order for the flight windows
  • Statistics: Shows duration of flight
  • XC-T: Request for take off location after recieve flights
  • BUGFIX: delete vaulty MAP (GDI error 3)



XC-Trainer upgrade XCT_BV316

  • Automatic convert from marks to waypoints.
  • Different radius including from waypoints
  • XC-Trainer Menu in English / German / Espanol / Finnish / Hungarian / Portugues / French / Nederland / Norwegian / Romanian / Russian / Turkish

Please install new Downloader for load upgrade in your instrument



XC-Trainer Upgrade XCT_V3.11

English / Espanol / Finnish / Hungarian / Portugues

  • XC-Trainer Standard Vario Sound adjustable
  • It follow French / Nederland / Norwegian /Romanian / Russian / Turkish 


XC-Trainer Upgrade XCT_V3.11_English

  • XC-Trainer Standard Vario Sound adjustable


TN Complete Version 2.5.1



XC-Trainer Upgrade XCT_V30_01_07_English

1.  Remaining battery life indicator in flight mode
2.  Enlarged cursor
3.  KEY functions
4.  Screen sequence setting (not available in EASY mode)
5.  Click tones in FLIGHT mode
6.  Progressive shutdown bar
7.  Quick off
8.  Saving the COM setting
9.  Quick exit from the flight replay and flight recording mode
10. Changes to the way the normal flight mode is exited
11. Confirm “Delete all” and “restore factory settings”
12. QNH Display
13. 5 second latency when setting MARK’s
14. Automatic update of the “NEARST” list
15. Arrival altitudes overview in the ROUTES / NEARST / WAYPOINTS lists
16. Automatic initiation of flight recording
17. Impeller display on/off
18. Expanded SETTINGS menu
19. Wind vector in TNC format every 30 seconds
20. Selecting a waypoint from a list is now easier
21. Wind distribution curve may be set to be NORTH-UP or TRACK-UP
22. Changes to the displayed vario volume
23. Great improvements to the vario sound
24. Individual vario tone settings
25. Vario maximum values now +/-99m/s
26. Optional NORTH-UP or TRACK-UP displaying in the MAP and CENT screens
27. L/D adjustable or variable for final glide calculations
28. Multiple start times
29. Easy toggling of routepoints in recoding/flight mode
30. Clearing the speed and distance averager
31. Particulars regarding the "Multiple start times" – manual onwards toggling of route point
32. Miscellaneous
33. Start line for sailplane use
34. Sound check funktion



TN Complete VERSION 2.4.1

  • Color your flightroute line in GoogleEarth
  • Play tour in GoogleEarth
  • Print your logbook
  • New map download function now via passive FTP-protocol


XC-Trainer Upgrade XCT_V24_03_06_English

1 New flight exit
2 Centering with Flugrichtungszeiger oder mit Flugrichtung
3 Startcylinder representation to 127,5km
4 Start time - Countdown
5 Start turnpoint with a start cylinder around it


Modification on OLC server

For logon in OLC with TN Complete you must include in the software unter options/settings/OLC/Server-URL the link:


Free Flight 2006
I`d be very pleased to see you on the Free Flight from 7. - 9. April in Garmisch. You can inform there from our products, accessories, software and news at exhibition stand 104.


Update TN Complete   current version 2.3.1

  • Button for KML file export
  • Fix bug in TN Complete update
  • Fix bug in KML file export


The Aircotec website in English goes online.


Update TN Complete   current version 2.3.0

  • KML file export to view your flights in google earth
  • update dutch language


Update TN Complete   current version 2.2.0


Winner XC-Trainer Innovation-Competition 2004.


XC-Trainer Manual   XCT_Manual_2_3_2_V1_engl.pdf  (2.247 kb)

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