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Technology - Topnavigator Firmware V4.02-FC / V4.02GC

1 Waypoints/Cylinders/Sectors 
We offer an alternative to the 1km radius display. Cylinders can be set from 100 meters to 1 km in 100 meter steps.(PWC cylinders are 400 meters)

1.1 Radius Settings 
In menu->settings->measurements->language, there is a setting shown as „CYLIND.(S=0). In this field the cylinder radius can be adjusted from 100 meters to 1000 meters. In Mapdisplay the 000 meter setting is, as before, a sector display of 1km. 
Attention when updating: 
The original setting must be changed to a reasonable value. 

1.2 Entering Waypoints
Only waypoint symbols with (‘TPT) are affected by the change of display. Desired waypoints should be picked and marked in the route.
Waypoints and routes that are in use or necessary should be marked. A 30 second flight is needed to save a RP/TP flight registry. For example, 6 marked TP units are equivalent to 3 recorded minutes of memory (6x30). The recording accuracy of each position has been increased to 0.01.

1.3 Display During Flight
Selected waypoints are visible in Mapdisplay with sector/cylinders. The ETA/ETE point is now displayed by blinking back and forth between point and name of point. By doing so, space was freed to display a timer with “second" accuracy. The distance indicator is displayed in 0.01 steps (18,5 meters). Using the standard meter settings, values are rounded to up to 10 meters steps.
In order to be sure that the cylinder/sector is reached, we suggest to increase the value to 0.01. Up to 4.75km the value is displayed with 10 meters steps. Beyond 4.8km the value is measured in 100 meters steps.

1.4 Acoustic Signals 
The pilot will see a 'SECTOR' sign and hear a beep..., beep..., beep... 100 meters before reaching the cylinder. You must continue to approach the entered radius in order to obtain a valid point within the sector/cylinder. e.g. 400 meters

1.5 Going Through Waypoints
The waypoints in a route can only be viewed manually. (many operators asked us to remove Automatic view mode)

2 Position Recording
Your position is recorded in 0.025 steps per second (equivalent to 5 meters). This enables the pilot to reduce the delay in the cylinder/sector to a minimum.

3 PWC 2002 Data Transfer
The PWC2002 protocol was introduced to guarantee fast data transfer. PWC2002 allows a variety of intervals (4s,2s,1s) and transfer rates per second (115200,57600,19200 bps). A reasonable default value is 57600bps with a 4 second rate. If there is no point registration within the 4 second rate, we suggest to repeat the transfer with a 1 second rate.

3.1 Data Export
After having selected a flight in your log book, FLUG->TNCOMM/PWC is to be pressed. Upon Activation of 'PWC', an external menu is displayed.
PWC2002 allows 7 transfer combinations.
PWC2000 with 10 seconds is still available.
A TNCOMM with 57600bps has also been added.

3.2 Handshake
The XON/XOFF handshake is supported under 19200bps. Data export is only possible using higher rates with 57600 or 115200bps. Using this transfer method, an interface must be emulated.

3.3 Hardware Requirements on PC 
Using fast trasfer rates the RS-232 cabel may not be longer than 2 meters. PC must have a new generation serial interface.

3.4 Software Requirements on PC
Many interfaces using multi-tasking-systems, such as Hyperterminal, tend to lose data. Topnavigator transfer protocols are held in ASCII/HEX, and therefore can easily be reviewed in case of transfer difficulties.

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