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One for everything, everything in one!

The Original integrated GPS vario - addictive funcionality, ground breaking innovation!

This is the instrument that started the trend towards GPS-integrated varios. Even today it remains the most complete package, partly due to the continuous R&D which has resulted in user-driven updates since day one. A vario that will change the way you think about flight instruments!


Top Navigate your way into the world of thermals
With the TOP NAVIGATOR the Aircotec team succeeded in producing the first in-flight computer for hang-gliding and paragliding which cleverly combines all the measurements provided by a GPS, a variometer, an altimeter, a speed sensor, a temperature sensor and a clock, so that you see all important details of the current flight situation in ergonomically arranged screens on a large, easy-to-read display. 
The TOP NAVIGATOR has been developed for you by pilots and is your ideal flight companion, whether you are hunting thermals purely as a recreational flyer, or as a competition pilot. 

Top Navigator - Technical Specifications

  • Altimeter: QFE and temporary altitude, -1600 to 20000FT above sea level 
  • Fixed takeoff location altitude: for 10 takeoff locations 
  • Barometer: QNH 950 to 1070 hPa 
  • Variometer: optical and acoustical ± 20m/s 
  • Speedmeter: 120 km/h (max. 140 km/h) 
  • Measurements: m-FT, km/h-knots-MPH, hPa-Inches, oC-oF 
  • Satellite navigation GPS: 12-chanel parallel GPS at 2D/3D-mode.  
  • Real time clock 
  • Stop watch: Storage in hours and minutes up to 20 hours (19:59). 
  • Memory: Peak value memory for 20 flights, and Logbook  
  • Barograph: With 1, 5, 10 or 20 sek.-cycle, max. save time 76 hours  
  • Map Mode: Shows lift and waypoints, flight course and distance to the next waypoints. 
  • Centring Mode: graphic climb rate, thermal search, etc.  
  • Graphics Mode: graphics from flight course and speed, direction of the wind and speed, course barogramm, solo flight etc. 
  • Replay mode: Replay your flights at 2x speed. 
  • Dada communication: From TN to TN or TN to PC  
  • Software: TN Complete, Baromaster 2000, TNEVAL (Analyse), TNCOMM (Communication), free download.

Top Navigator Manual  (1,9 mb)

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